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Colorado Foreclosure Laws

Judicial Yes
Non-Judicial Yes
Process Period 91 Days
Sale Publication 14 Days
Redemption Period 75 Days
Sale / NTS Trustee

Judicial Foreclosures: In Colorado in-court foreclosures are not common.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure: To begin an out-of-court foreclosure the lender must file the appropriate documents with the public trustee to request the sale of property. The sale can be scheduled once the trustee has filed the records. After the sale has been scheduled the lender needs to acquire a separate court order to allow the sale. If the borrower decides to stop the foreclosure they have to submit papers to the public trustee of their intentions, and this needs to be completed 15 days before the sale.

Sale: A sale can be scheduled 45-60 days following the original foreclosure actions. The sale notice needs to be published in a local newspaper for five weeks. During this time a copy of the notice must also be sent to the borrower. Following the sale, the borrower typically has up to 75 days to redeem the property by paying the total amount of sale as well as interest and other costs.

Additional Information on Colorado Foreclosure