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Connecticut Foreclosure Laws

Judicial Yes
Non-Judicial No
Process Period 62 Days
Sale Publication NA
Redemption Period Court Decides
Sale / NTS Court

Judicial Foreclosures: To begin a foreclosure the lender must file the appropriate documents with the court against the borrower. The borrowers must be notified 12 days before they are to appear in court. The court will decide the debt amount, and market value of the property. They will also decide whether to use a strict foreclosure of foreclosure by sale.

A strict foreclosure would be used if the property has no equity. The borrower is given a certain date at which they must pay the debt. If the debt is not paid the property is turned over to the lender. This process usually takes up to five months.

A foreclosure by sale will take place when the equity is in excess of the amount of debt. At any time prior to the sale the borrower can pay off the debt owed and stop the foreclosure process.

Non-Judicial Foreclosures: In the state of Connecticut foreclosures are only handled within the court.

Sale: A date of sale can be set up sixty to ninety days following the initial move of foreclosure. The court appoints an attorney and the attorney is in charge of publishing the sale notice and conducting the sale. Two weeks following the sale the court decides whether they want to approve the sale, until the approval the borrower can redeem their property.

Additional Information on Connecticut Foreclosure