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Illinois Foreclosure Laws

Judicial Yes
Non-Judicial No
Process Period 300 Days
Sale Publication NA
Redemption Period 90 Days
Sale / NTS Court

Judicial Foreclosures: In court foreclosures begin when the lender files a Complaint to Foreclose Mortgage with the court. This complaint is then served on the borrower, and any other parties involved. If the borrower cannot be found then the notice is published. The borrower has 30 days to respond to the court. If they fail to respond the court will enter an order of default. If they do contact the court parties will litigate and possibly go to trial. If the court’s decision favors the lender the borrower has a 90-day redemption period before the sale can take place.

Non-judicial Foreclosures: The state of Illinois does not prohibit out of court foreclosures.

Sale: The sale will take place after the redemption period. A notice of the sheriff’s sale is published in the local newspaper once a week for three weeks; the final publication must be seven days before the sale is to take place. The lender will provide the opening bid, which typically is the full amount, owed. The person with the highest bid at the sale receives a certificate of purchase.

Additional Information on Illinois Foreclosure