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Kentucky Foreclosure Laws

Judicial Yes
Non-Judicial No
Process Period 147 Days
Sale Publication NA
Redemption Period 365 Days
Sale / NTS Court

Judicial Foreclosures: This process begins with the lender filing a notice of pending action. A sheriff usually delivers the notice to the borrower. The borrower then has 20 days to respond, if they do not respond the lenders asks the court to make a ruling. If the ruling is in favor of the lender then a foreclosure sale date is set. Before the sale can take place, an appraisal must be done to the property.

Non-Judicial Foreclosures: In the state of Kentucky out-of-court foreclosures do not occur. The only exception to this is if a property was abandoned and the lender takes possession following the borrowers default.

Sale: The sale takes place about one month following the ruling. The notice of sale must contain the following information; date, location, and terms of the sale. This information should be published in a locale newspaper for three weeks. If the sale is postponed it has to be order through the court. The sale usually occurs at the courthouse and the property is given to the highest bidder. If the property sells for less than two thirds of the appraised value the borrower has the right to redeem the property by paying the sale price, and this redemption period last for one year.

Additional Information on Kentucky Foreclosure